The Bard Immortal.


Magnolia, AKA the immortal bard, was Legault‘s betrothed before meeting her untimely death. She is a folk-hero, the most beloved bard in history and is also known for her powers of foresight and prophecy, belonging to a lineage of prophetic oracles and mystics. She is immortalized in her famous ballads, plays, and poetic works, which are loved the world-over and held in almost scripture-like regard. She is famous perhaps most of all for Wings of Black; a song which is supposed to reveal a great prophecy. The completed Wings of Black has never been heard nor looked upon with mortal eyes. Instead, it’s verses and stanzas are hidden and scattered in various sites across the world where she and Legault travelled together. Magnolia’s life came to an abrupt end when she sacrificed herself to save Legault and turn the tide in his battle against Tiamat. The now widowed, devistated Legault considered Magnolia his only love until the day of his death.



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