King Legault Callan

The last King of Evrand


Legault is the last king of the Callan Dynasty of Evrand and the greatest human hero of his time. Nearly two decades ago, he slew Tiamat with the help of Lucidus, Magnolia, and Hansel, who came to call themselves “The Fellowship of the Brave” under Legault’s leadership. Under his rule, Evrand has become one of the most prosperous and progressive nations in the world. According to the Royal Tribune, King Legault was killed recently when his airship exploded over the ocean on a diplomatic mission to Elothir. Legault never had another lover after Magnolia’s death, and the couple never had children. With no one of dynastic lineage to claim the throne, Lucidus serves as the Regent-Lord of Evrand.


King Legault Callan

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